Just left Phuket Thailand

25 Oct

I stayed almost two months in Phuket Thailand and decided to leave for a number of reasons not least of which is that the island is moving to hight season.  There are already enough people there now but the prospect of the popular doubling or even tripling is not appealing at all.  In a six month period Phuket gets seven million tourists.   This on an island the size of Singapore but not spread out as much as Singapore.   The tourists will be concentrated in the tourist areas and the i can only imagine how congested the road will become.  They are not what you would call quiet now.

The other reason for leaving was the continual visa run requirements.   If you come in by air you are granted a one month tourist visa but if you come in overland you only get 15 days.   The Thai Government is actively trying to discourage an expat community in Thailand.  There was a official from the Tourist department that said it would be much better if tourist would stay at home and just send their money.  This statement is a good insight into the attitude of many Thais to the “Falangs” or white devils.

I also noticed the prices creeping up in the last week before I left.  Phuket was not what i would call cheap when I arrived.   Transport is relatively expensive and the prices of good’s and services are higher in Phuket than other parts of Thailand.  I was told that the price hikes I saw were just a hint of what was to come.

I can understand why Phuket is popular but for a holiday there are probably a thousand other better places in Thailand to visit.  Phuket is a tourist trap.  At least i have experienced and having stayed almost two months saw more than many of the one week annual tourist might see in in a few years of visits.

I did have the experience of living on a boat for ten days.   The Ladyandaman party boat in Phuket was an awesome once in a life time type experience.


One Response to “Just left Phuket Thailand”

  1. mattwilkie October 25, 2012 at 11:37 am #

    Had similar visa issues in Oman as you can get multiple visa times depending how you enter. Also on renewal can be a pain as the first trip involved going on a 7hrs journey by car due to entering at the Oman – Dubai border by land. But it is something people often overlook especially if backpacking between countries.

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