Business Opportunity in Cebu Philippines.

23 Jan

How about a property that you can own a 100% of in the Philippines and even take it away with you when you leave the Philippines?

Starboard fwd

Ever thought of a boat? A very unique boat has just been added that has features seldom seen in this combination that make it a great opportunity for a range of purposes including:

How about a luxury apartment by the sea (well in it actually).

While staying in Cebu you can dock at the prestigious Cebu Yacht Club. The thing about Yacht Clubs is they are almost always in a great location in close proximity to all the action. This boat would make an excellent house boat that you could travel around the Philippines in.

Create Cebu’s first real party boat

Charter regular party trips or provide a venue for private parties or functions. Run a party boat. Cebu is waiting for this!

Cebu’s first real boat restaurant

Want to start a restaurant in the Philippines? The vessel could easily be converted into a restaurant with two dinning areas and an out door area.  This would still leave the current spa room untouched and just adds another unique features to the dining experience. You could even relocate the entire businesses easily to another location later.


Low Cost Refurbishment

The cost of converting this vessel into your desired purpose will be minimal as there really is nothing to spend on the Rumi mechanically or structurally. Its a turn key drive away.

You need only decide what you want and then get refurbished, then how lavish you go is up to you.

Need Help Getting the Boat Refurbished
and licensed to operate?

We are located at the Cebu Yacht club. Visit our office and ask for David (American) can arrange every aspect of the refurbishment to you specifications. If you need help with all the red tape related to getting permits and licenses etc he can also help you.

This boat will not last – Secure it now

Call David Poley on now on: +63 (0)917 311 6836

or leave a message here

25 Metre Special Purpose vessel for sale Cebu Philippines


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